People always need to be sure, that the acquired information is correct. Although the link to your personal business card is to be specified among other data in your profile, there are certain rules, which apply to this link specifically; it should come as no surprise, that this application may verify your rights to modify specified resources.
Own website
If you plan to use this feature as an employer, at first, you should have your own website. Then, you will need to register this website as a partner website of the Speciface service. It will also require you to prove your ownership by placing a special confirmation file on your webserver. This way you (the owner) agree, that anyone who has permission to add or edit some webpage on your website will also be able to refer others to such page as to his/her “business card” and indicate your site as the website of his/her employer. Actually, there is no need to give anybody any rights there, however, in this case you’ll have to confirm each business card assignment by yourself. Anyway, don’t allow public access to upload files to this site.
Design guidelines
In fact, each business card in Speciface is just a web page. Although you can use any suitable design tool or CMS to create it, there is one restriction: Javascript is not supported (for security reasons). It shouldn’t be a problem today – all CSS features are fully supported on such pages.
There is also a special business card designer, which you can freely use to create business cards of your own design. This simple but quite powerful web tool allows you to easily build fully responsive pages with separate markup sections for lanscape and portrait orientations. With it you can also provide the separate data, which you need to be importable into “Contacts”. It’s really easy to find out how this tool works by simply trying to modify the default template.
Also notice, that it’s possible to enable trust control for such website as well: users can put its name on the list of trusted associations the same way they do it for personal communities.
In conclusion, one should notice: if you use Speciface to provide some information which relates to other people, you must obtain their direct consent for such use of this information. Regardless of how you obtain such information, you alone are responsible for securing all necessary permissions to reuse this information.