The Speciface application can work on internet-enabled camera-equipped devices that support Bluetooth LE communications. Also, it needs Android 5.0 or newer to be installed on these devices. Advanced features of Bluetooth 5 will be utilised as soon as it becomes supported by the majority of devices people use.
At the present time all provided functionality is free of charge.

Yes, you can, but in one direction only: it’ll allow you to provide information, however, you won’t be able to access other people’s data with this device.

Every response is encrypted in such a way, that only the requesting party can decrypt it. You don’t need to worry, that your response can be “overheard” by anybody else around. On the other hand, there is always a certain (quite small) possibility, that someone will try to request your data at the same time as a legitimate person. Anyway, if you get several simultaneous requests, you never know which is which, thus, it’s better to refuse all of them in this case.

Most likely you’re sending requests too frequently. You may use “active” requests anytime instead. Just press the scan button for a little bit longer.
All names of the sites that provide business cards via insecure connections are always displayed with a question mark (?). This mark disappears in case of using HTTPS.
Though the number of members is not limited, the maximum allowed size for registered webpages of communities is not big. If you want to create some very large community (with thousands of members or more), you will have to use your own database. In such case, you will need to add some name of a parameter (ended with “=”) to the page’s URL when you register your community. Later, each time this URL is accessed during the membership check, this parameter will contain the registration code of the scanned subject. It will allow your web server to search it in your database and, if found, include it in your response.
Use the “Extra data” field to specify the company name. The field “Extra information” should be used to specify the job title, the email address, the web address and the filename of the corner image – all at once by entering one after another as simple words, which have to be separated by space (though the job title may be represented by several words alone). You may use the corner image to display national flags.