As you understand, for such applications as Speciface an inevitable amount of security measures should be implemented. Some of them are described here along with several useful tips that might help you to avoid indiscreet use and its possible undesirable consequences. At first, however, you may need to become acquainted with the basic principles.
With your permission only
This is the basic mode of discoverability and the most secure one: each time the application detects a request it asks you for permission to send your public data. This mode is selected when you enable the option “Discoverability” and leave the default data access policy intact. Then, it will be active as long as you keep this option enabled.
You need to know, that in this mode users have to take pictures of you every time they request your data. Moreover, each request will demand your reaction. Sometimes it can be inconvenient. However, please, never underestimate the imortantance of keeping your data inaccessible to the wide public – simply use this mode each time you’re unsure of the surroundings.
Friendlier to people
Under certain circumstances there might be a reason for you to enable sharing of your photo with people nearby. For example, being in a cafe, it will be much easier for them to contact you without using a camera – by simply choosing your photo from the gallery of accessible users. You can enable this mode by selecting a corresponding data access policy option.
Anyway, you need to understand clearly, that the permanent use of this mode can be unsafe. That’s why you’re offered to define the time period, during which this mode needs to be active. When this time passes, the basic mode (described above) will be enabled instead.
At the podium
There might be situations when you become the center of everybody’s attention and may need to turn all restrictions off just to allow people around you to access your data quickly and effortlessly. Simply select the “Podium” mode in the data access policy settings. However, you should remember: this mode is the least secure one. You will be offered to set the time period, during which this mode needs to be active. When this time passes, the most secure (basic) mode will be enabled automatically.
Please, don’t forget, that the “Podium” mode allows anyone and anything around you not only to gather your data but also to track your location (detect proximity). Be careful – don’t ever use this mode if it’s not necessary.
One should notice, that every response is encrypted in such a way, that only the requesting party can decrypt it. You don’t need to worry, that your response can be “overheard” by anybody else around. In addition, certain anti-spam and anti-spoofing protection measures were also implemented. It’s highly recommended to know about them.